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  Sep 16, 2014   |   Last update: August 4, 2014 @ 8:21 am

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’14 Grads Wightman and LeCates Earn Accolades for Human Rights Research Papers

2014 graduates Rebekah Wightman and Liesel LeCates recently earned accolades from Pax, a leading Dutch human rights organization, for research papers they undertook on behalf of the organization as part of a directed research project for Professor Amos Guiora. 

Rebekah Wightman

Rebekah Wightman

Michel Uiterwaal, Advisor on Extractives, Human Rights and Conflict at Pax, wrote of Wightman’s paper, titled, “OECD Policymakers Must Look Back to Move Forward”: “I would like to commend you for the effort and the great result of it. You gave a very comprehensive overview of the topic, resulting in policy recommendations that I am sure will be very useful in our future lobby activities regarding access to justice. I particularly liked the diverse angles of addressing access to remedy, and the creative thinking in coming up with the retroactive justice arguments.”

Similarly, Uiterwaal’s colleague Erik Laan, director of public affairs for Pax, praised LeCates’ work, titled, “The Legality of Foreign Military Intervention in Lieu of Security Council Resolution,” describing it as a “well written and very clear paper.”

“We read your paper as an appeal to be very, very careful in deciding to undertake humanitarian interventions and even though as PAX we have actively sought this discussion in relation to Syria, obviously because of the scale of human suffering, so far as PAX we have not been active advocates for such a humanitarian intervention so far (even though we did advocate for investigating the possibilities to do so)."

In conclusion, Laan wrote: “we hope this will lay the foundations for a glorious career.”  

Liesel LeCates

Liesel LeCates

Guiora said, “I am terrifically proud of Rebecca and Liesel, whose efforts exemplify the College of Law’s extraordinary commitment to service and the community.”