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  Oct 21, 2014   |   Last update: August 4, 2014 @ 8:21 am

CDR Serves Up “A Good Bowl of Soup”

By Anna Elza Brady “A good bowl of soup attracts chairs.” That was the old African proverb quoted by Jonathan Bartsch, Principal of Collaborative Decision Resources, on the first day of a three-day seminar about Facilitation and Mediation of Public and Environmental Conflicts put on by CDR in Boulder, ... Read this post »

Preemptive “Mediation” at Energy Conference in Helena, Montana

By Britt Ide Energy issues are complex and controversial.  They have many local, regional and national stakeholders with divergent viewpoints.  Building relationships early can help reduce conflict.  As a mediator, I enjoy helping foster discussions between important energy players before conflict arises.  Last month, at a Helena conference, I moderated a ... Read this post »

What We Don’t Know About Great Salt Lake…

By Rob Dubuc One of my great privileges these last five years or so has been to serve as attorney for, and president of the board of Friends of Great Salt Lake (www.fogsl.org). Great Salt Lake is a vastly misunderstood and unappreciated national treasure, and unfortunately many of the ... Read this post »

There. I Said It.

by Lucy Moore I recently posted on the Island Press blog (Field Notes) a rant about Cliven Bundy and the Nevada dust-up over the federal government trying to do its duty. (http://ipfieldnotes.org/ranching-and-the-categorical-imperative/) As a mediator I am deeply committed to treating all interests fairly, showing no bias or favoritism. And so ... Read this post »

EDR and the Built Environment: Addressing Homelessness

by Shane Stroud Think about the word “environmentalism.” What do you think of? If you’re like me, you think of protecting crystal-blue mountain streams and sandstone slot canyons. For most of us, the environment has always been a place we go to, removed from the cityscape where we spend most ... Read this post »

Brokering Peace Between People and Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog
by Kevin D. Bunnell I am new to Cedar City and Iron County, but it didn’t take long to understand that “Utah prairie dog” is a four-letter word to many people in this part of the state. The Utah prairie dog, which only occurs in southwestern Utah, has been protected by ... Read this post »

Are We Wired to Cooperate?

By Michele Straube Maybe, maybe not ... but if not, our brains are easily re-wired to cooperate. I recently participated in a panel discussion on Group Decision-Making as part of the Symposium on Science & Literature, co-sponsored (cooperatively, of course) by multiple University of Utah departments; the symposium co-directors came ... Read this post »

Collaboration and Partnerships in Public Land Management

By Cheryl Probert Partnerships and collaboration seem to be all the rage in public land management.  But do the feds truly understand what collaboration is or how to set up a sustainable partnership?  Having recently muddled through setting up and trying to sustain a collaborative partnership on public lands, I ... Read this post »
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